Breathing hole plug

Breathing hole plug

Comfortable cover for the head rest opening.

Face cushion – extra soft

Super soft material for ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Frame extension

Extreme support for heavy manipulation at foot or head end.

Knee mat

Mat for knee protection, used for therapies on the floor.

Roll – pneumatic 60×13 cm

When not in use, packed in a small bag. It fits to Nubis backpack

Own logo print

Personalize Nubis table with your own brand logo print.

Hand pump

Elegant Hand Pump with Foldable Handle & Base to reduce height & width for packing.It fits to Nubis backpack.

Backpack branding

Personalize Nubis backpack with your own brand logo print.

Microfiber towel

Small size, lightweight, fast absorbent, easy to carry in Nubis backpack.

Microfiber towel, personalized

Personalize Nubis towel with your own brand logo print.

Lower height set (57-67 cm)

Set of legs, allowing lower height adjustment.