Ideal solution for recovery after trainings and competitions

Nubis Recovery chair is extremely light and portable pneumatic chair, created for athletes, sport’s clubs and sport rehab facilities.
Its innovative design (registered at EUIPO) allows athletes optimal position for longer muscle regeneration, in combination with other recovery and percussive devices, while its shape, material and pleasant soft touch keeping its comfort for faster and smooth return to competition-training process.

A full-size chair inside a small bag

Nubis Recovery chair is with only 2,9 kg super light and due to its small volume in folded position easy to transport. Set-up is very simple and fast; it takes less than a minute to be prepared. All these features are extremely important for sports clubs and athletes themselves, as the chair is ideal for traveling to the competitions or being always ‘at hand’ for immediate recovery during or after the match. Like this can also shorten the time required for regeneration between two training processes.

Recovery in combination with other recovery devices

Nubis Recovery chair is ideal to maintain athlete’s comfort while regenerating after training and competitions, allowing them optimal position for longer muscle regeneration, in combination with pneumatic compression devices, such as compression pants, boots, arms, etc.

Nubis Recovery chair is also extremely useful and compatible with percussive massage devices, ideal to maintain athlete’s comfort during self-massage, muscle relaxation, treatment and its reactivation.

The content of NubisRecovery chair

Pneumatic chair

SIZE (LxWxH):  175 x 98 x 87 cm
WEIGHT: 2,9 kg

Carrying bag

SIZE (WxH): 31×61 cm


Complement Nubis Recovery chair to your needs

Electric pump

Hand pump

Branding of the chair and bag

Customized chair color

Personalize your recovery chair

Nubis Recovery chair with your own brand logo print

Strengthen your brand, by showing it on every location of your recovery!

NubisRecovery should be yours.

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