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Working in extreme conditions

Sports competitions often take place on unpredictable outdoor conditions: uneven or wet terrain, rain or snow, during day or night. It is hard to find a stable place to place a therapy table and devote to an athlete. Nevertheless, the only important goal stays: to quickly prepare an athlete to continue and win the match. Solution? Ultra light, extremely portable, durable physiotherapy mattress.

World innovation

Most portable physiotherapy mattress

NubisSport is the only portable therapy mattress in the world, adapted to the extreme conditions of sports therapy in the field. Suitable for outdoor use and for all types of terrain, it is extremely light and easily portable, even in an inflated state. Weighing only 5.3 kg, it is one of the lightest therapy mattresses in the world. It is very stable, firm and ready for firmest physiotherapy techniques. When not in use it can be transported in a lightweight backpack.

Quick and simple preparation

Small backpack, full size mattress

Preparation is extremely simple. Take folded mattress, headrest, and pump from the backpack. Set the pump nozzle to the mattress valve and start filling. Within 35 seconds with an electric pump, the mattress is full, firm and ready. Inflated mattress weighs only 5.3 kg, so it can be easily transferred even when it is already inflated.

Does athlete need help?

1. Take NubisSport out of a backpack.

2. Inflate it to full size.

3. Help the athlete.

Tech specifications

Product: NubisSport – Portable physiotherapy mattress
Code: 100-7520

The content of NubisSport:

  • mattress
  • headrest with a breathing hole
  • knee mat
  • electric pump
  • backpack

Mattress dimensions: 190 x 75 x 20 cm (L x W x Thickness)
Mattress weight: 5.3 kg
Mattress base/cover material: double wall fabric / PU
Head section adjustment: 0 – 15 cm (in length)
Weight capacity: 350 kg
Time to inflate (electric pump): 35 s
Backpack measures: 60 x 35 x 20 cm

Standard cover colors: grey, black, orange, dark blue, light blue, red, white, green, darkgrey

What do others say?

“The most surprising thing about NubisSport was the feeling of solidity of a professional physiotherapy table, even when I was just lying on the ground next to a dusty road.”

NubisSport should be yours.

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